Impresssing quality prints on PRUSA i3 Mk2 and Creality CR-10

By Jean Charbonneau 06/08/2022

I used my Prusa i3 Mk2s for most of the prints but I also used my Creality CR-10s for the larger prints (cold glass bed with glue stick for adhesion). I mostly print figurines and armor so I tested the filament based on that but still printed some others. I was very impressed with the quality of my prints on both printers. 205deg seem to work best for me. I started with a test print (#3 and 4) to test overhangs, bridges and angles. Again, very impressed with the results. I then printed 2 small objects (#5 and 6). Both of those were reduced to 25%. Yet the details remained pretty much intact even at .2mm. I then proceeded to print some armor (#1 and 2). These were printed at .3mm. I decided afterwards to test an issue that most filament seem to have. I just left it on my printer out in the open. With other filaments, I always have to seal it in a bag. So your filament sat in a cold storage room (where I have my printers) for a few days. An unexpected power outage which lasted more than 48 hours, turned that cold storage room into a very hot and humid space. Once the power was back, I printed something which wasn’t solid like the previous prints (#7). Other than some failed parts due to no supports, it came out great even with some very big room temperature changes. Again, Very impressed. I also printed the head of a figurine I had previously printed with other filament. I didn’t change anything other than a light change in the orientation. I got a bit of stringing but that a printer setting issue. Overall, this is some of the best filament I’ve worked with. And even though I’m still a beginner, I’ve worked with many different brands. Thank you for letting me be part of this testing.

Print settings
Pha-Beta 2.0
Print bed
Printing Chamber
Bed temperature (°C)
Thickness of layer (mm)
.3mm, .2mm and .1mm
Type of bed adhesion
Glue stick
Extruder temperature (°C)
Nozzle size